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Updates to the UK ETheses OAI-PMH format


The UKETD_DC specification was updated in March 2017. This plugin updates EPrints to enable more data to be mapped into the UKETD_DC metadata profile.

Many of the fields that are now present in the UKETD_DC profile may have been added to an EPrints repository as a local modification. The new plugin has a default mapping for a lot of the data, but also allows for some information to be mapped in a customised way via a configuration file.

New mappings include:

If any customisations have been made to your UKETD_DC output, please understand (at a technical level) this plugin before installing it.

As a minimum, you should check what thesis types your repository is configured to support (e.g. PhD, EngD, MPhil), and make sure these match (i) the range of qualifications your insitution actually awards (and/or awarded), and (ii) make sure they are mapped in the configuration file correctly (see comments in the config file for more details).

More recent versions of EPrints have both a thesis_type and a thesis_name field. These values will be used in preference to mapping values e.g. from ‘phd’ to ‘doctoral’. If you are unsure whether you have both fields, create the maps anyway!

$c->{plugins}->{"Export::OAI_UKETD_DC_2017"}->{params}->{thesis_type_to_qualname} =  {
    phd      => "Ph.D.",
    engd     => "Eng.D.",
    edd      => "Ed.D.",
    dclinpsy => "D.Clin.Psy.",
    md       => "M.D.",
    mphil    => "M.Phil.",
    mres     => "M.Res.",
    ma       => "M.A.",
    msc      => "M.Sc.",
    llm      => "L.L.M.",

$c->{plugins}->{"Export::OAI_UKETD_DC_2017"}->{params}->{thesis_type_to_quallevel} =  {
    phd      => "doctoral",
    engd     => "doctoral",
    edd      => "doctoral",
    dclinpsy => "doctoral",
    md       => "doctoral",
    mphil    => "masters",
    mres     => 'masters',
    ma       => 'masters',
    msc      => 'masters',
    llm      => 'masters',

NB If the value you are mapping includes non-alphanumerical characters, you may need to quote them e.g. 'abc-def' => "ABC. DEF.",.

There is also the ability to ‘skip’ a document (so no data from it appears in the UKETD_DC profile), or to skip a whole EPrint (if you have a thesis that shouldn’t be harvested). Please see the comments in the config file for more details.

Future versions of EPrints

The default export plugin for the UKETD_DC has been updated in the 3.3 branch of EPrints. This means that if you are running EPrints version 3.3.16 or later, this plugin is probably not needed.

At the time of writing, how this export format will be delivered in EPrints 3.4 is unknown. If you need help with this, please try the EPrints Tech list, or submit an Issue on GitHub.

Technical details

The plugin works by:

Main files in this plugin:



This plugin is dedicated to Tim Miles-Board.

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